Russell Investments Global Opportunities Fund

Russell Investments Global Opportunities Fund

Foreign Investment Fund

The Russell Investments Global Opportunities Fund provides an exposure to an actively managed global shares portfolio through a multi-style, multi-manager approach. The fund invests in the major developed markets of the world, has exposure to small capitalisation stocks and may also invest in emerging market securities. Click here to download the Fund Fact Sheet.

  •  Actively managed portfolio of global shares through a multi-style, multi-manager approach.
  • Access to specialist investment expertise and skills.
  • Access to the tax benefits associated with the Foreign Investment Fund tax regime.
Investment Manager Russell Investments
Investment Policy and Objectives The investment objective of the fund is to provide a total return, before costs and tax, higher than the Fund’s benchmark over the long term by providing exposure to a diversified portfolio of international shares. The investment policy of the Fund is to be invested with the intent that the Fund's principal investment policy will be investment in equity securities in any country.
Investment Strategy The underlying investment exposure is predominantly exposed to a broad range of international shares listed on stock exchanges in developed international markets as well as emerging market equity securities (such as countries included in the Russell Global Large Cap Net Index). The Fund may also be exposed to short selling and derivatives.
Delegated Sub-Investment Manager(s)* The Russell Investments Global Opportunities Fund invests in a diverse portfolio of international shares managed by specialist managers selected on the advice of Russell Investments.  The current underlying specialist managers* are:

  • Sanders Capital, LLC.
  • Fiera Capital.
  • Man Numeric Investors.
  • Janus (Perkins).
  • Russell Investments.
  • Wellington Management Company.
  • Tiburon Partners.
  • RWC Partners.
  • J O Hambro Capital Management.
Benchmark Russell Investments Global Large Cap Net Index
Minimum Investment Timeframe 5+ years

* We and Russell Investments are responsible for selecting appropriate funds and/or appointing sub-investment managers and strategies, and these may change without notice. Details of the current underlying specialist managers can be obtained by contacting us.

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