Te Ahumairangi is a Wellington-based investment manager specialising in the management of global equity portfolios. Te Ahumairangi was founded in late 2019 by Nicholas Bagnall. Nicholas Bagnall has 31 years of experience in investment management, including over 26 years at Accident Compensation Corporation, where he was Chief Investment Officer before leaving to establish Te Ahumairangi.

Nicholas is supported by wider team of equity analysts, operational and compliance staff, and independent directors with significant market experience. Te Ahumairangi is owned by its staff and directors.

Te Ahumairangi has funds under management of over NZ$2 billion (as of September 2021), in a single global equity mandate. Te Ahumairangi intends to retain a focus on just managing global equity portfolios, and to avoid the potential distraction of managing funds in other asset classes.

Te Ahumairangi uses various approaches to add that little bit of extra value, and places an emphasis on avoiding unnecessary costs while capturing incremental gains.

Te Ahumairangi also seeks to prudently tilt its investment portfolio towards companies with those positive investment characteristics that are currently under-appreciated by investment markets.

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