Hunter is a specialist New Zealand-based investment management company that was founded in 2016 by industry veteran Tony Hildyard.

Their focus is on providing quality New Zealand-centric investment solutions that address the wide range of investment issues that directly impact returns to end investors.

Hunter’s investment philosophy is based on the following beliefs:

  • both active and passive investment strategies can play valuable roles within portfolio construction;
  • strategic asset allocation is an important component in determining long-term investment returns and the trade-off between risk and return;
  • diversification across a range of geographic regions, asset classes and securities is an important risk mitigation factor;
  • regular rebalancing is beneficial to ensure appropriate risk tolerances are maintained so long as this is undertaken in a cost effective way;
  • fees reduce returns to investors and are an important consideration; and
  • taxation can also be a drag on returns and structuring of investment matters.

As of 30 September 2020, Hunter is responsible for the following three investment solutions which, combined, have more than $850 million in assets under management:

Hunter Global Fixed Interest Fund

  • A PIE-compliant New Zealand-domiciled fund with investments managed by PIMCO.
  • PIMCO is one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers with US$1.92 trillion assets under management as of 30 June 2020.  Launched in 1971 in Newport Beach, California, PIMCO introduced investors to a total return approach to fixed income investing. In the 45+ years since, they have continued to bring innovation and expertise to partnership with clients seeking the best investment solutions. Today they have offices across the globe and 2,900 professionals united by a single purpose: creating opportunities for investors in every environment.

Hunter Balanced Fund and Hunter Growth Fund

  • The Hunter diversified funds have been structured to provide a range of investment solutions consistent with Hunter’s core investment beliefs.
  • The funds are well diversified across asset classes (i.e. shares and bonds) both in New Zealand and internationally and have been constructed to provide attractive risk/return outcomes on an after tax and after fees basis to New Zealand investors.

How to invest

  • InvestNow is a “no advice” direct investment website and it does not charge transaction or administration fees.
  • Contact your Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA).
  • Contact Tony Hildyard, Managing Director, Hunter Investments.  Phone: 021 830 720.  Email:
  • Complete an Application form which can be downloaded from the Documents and Reporting table.
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