Coolabah Capital Investments

Coolabah Capital Investments (CCI) is a leading active credit alpha manager founded in 2011 and chaired by experienced super fund director Melda Donnelly.

CCI offers New Zealand based investors access to the Australian and global fixed income market through a Short Term Income and Long-Short Strategy.

CCI's edge is in "alpha" generation in liqud, high-grade credit in contrast to traditional fixed-income strategies that derive returns through adding more interest rate duration risk, credit default risk, and/or liquidity risk. This alpha is a function of the world-class analytical insights rendered by CCI's human capital, which includes 30 executives with a long-term track-record of delivering prescient macro and quant insights.

CCI's style is widely recognised as possessing world-class analytical and execution resources with a focus on pioneering quant and credit research and unusually deep financial and commercial due diligence.

How to invest

  • To invest via your financial adviser – The Coolabah Short Term Income PIE Fund and Coolabah Long-Short Credit PIE Fund are available on the FNZ and MMC platforms. Speak with your financial adviser about gaining access.
  • Complete an application form and return it to us, Implemented Investment Solutions.
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