Te Ahumairangi Global Equity Fund

Launched in 2021, Te Ahumairangi Global Equity Fund is an actively managed fund dedicated to investing in global equity markets. Te Ahumairangi manage the fund with a particular focus on building a portfolio that should perform relatively well compared to other equity funds if equity markets are weak.

Significant benefits of the Fund include:

  • Diversification and Scale

By pooling the money of all investors in the Fund, we can give investors exposure to a more widely diversified portfolio of underlying assets than they may be able to access themselves. This increased diversification can reduce risk. In addition, the scale of the Fund allows us to lower costs by negotiating better prices with service providers.

  • Professional investment management

Te Ahumairangi is the investment manager for the Fund. Te Ahumairangi is a Wellington-based investment manager specialising in the management of global equity portfolios, and was founded in late 2019 by Nicholas Bagnall, former Chief Investment Officer at Accident Compensation Corporation.

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Investment Manager

Te Ahumairangi Investment Management

Investment Policy and Objectives

The Fund’s primary objective is to outperform its benchmark index, and deliver pre-tax post-fee returns of over 6.5% per annum over the long-term (7+ years), while achieving a significantly lower level of risk than the broader global equity universe.

Investment Strategy The Fund invests primarily in listed equity securities across various global listed equity markets
The Fund aims to outperform its benchmark index, a 50:50 combination of the MSCI World Index, and the MSCI Minimum Volatility Index optimised for NZ dollar based investors.