Metrics Multi-Strategy Private Debt (NZ) Fund

Launched in 2021, the Metrics Multi-Strategy Private Debt (NZ) Fund is a New Zealand domiciled portfolio investment entity (PIE) offering New Zealand investors exposure to a well-constructed portfolio of directly originated loans to New Zealand and Australian companies. Up until now, the New Zealand and Australian corporate loan markets have been dominated by regulated banks and largely inaccessible to non-bank investors.

The fund is an open-ended PIE and is open to accept applications from NZ-based wholesale investors.

Key features:

  • Diversified portfolio (currently in excess of 140 holdings)
  • Monthly income
  • Low cost
  • Monthly liquid
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Investment Manager

Metrics Credit Partners Pty Ltd

Investment Policy and Objectives

The Trust’s Investment Objective is to provide monthly cash income, low risk of capital loss and portfolio diversification, by actively originating direct lending opportunities and gaining exposure to actively managed diversified loan portfolios. The Trust will be an active participant in New Zealand’s and Australia’s bank‑dominated corporate loan market, through direct provision of loans to New Zealand and Australian domiciled Corporate Borrowers and through exposure to the Sub‑Trust and Listed Funds. The Investment Manager seeks to implement active strategies designed to balance delivery of the Target Return, while seeking to preserve Unitholders’ capital.

Investment Strategy The Trust will invest directly into loans to New Zealand and Australian domiciled corporate borrowers and obtain exposure to debt assets by investing, as a wholesale investor, in units or Notes issued by the Sub‑Trust or Listed Funds (subject to the applicable Listing Rules).
RBNZ Official Cash Rate plus 3.25% per annum net of fees and costs through the economic cycle. This is a target only. The Trust may not achieve this return.

How to invest