Lighthouse Global Equity Fund

The Lighthouse Global Equity Fund invest in extremely large companies listed on the major United States stock exchanges.  The Fund has a growth focus, and looks for companies that should deliver above-market rates of growth over the medium term.

The Fund targets net returns before tax that are at least 2% pa higher than its benchmark index (the MSCI All Country World Index).  In practice Lighthouse has been managing a wholesale fund that uses an identical strategy to the way the Fund invests and that wholesale fund delivered net returns of over 23% pa for the five years from March 2016 to March 2021.

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Lighthouse Funds LP

Investment Policy and Objectives

The Fund’s primary objective is to deliver long-run pre-tax returns (but after fees and expenses) that are at least 2% pa above the return of the MSCI All Country World Net Index. The Fund’s secondary objective is to minimise the number of “losing years” – that is financial years where investors receive a negative return, or loss, rather than a positive return.

Investment Strategy The Fund invests in a portfolio of very large capitalisation stocks and ETFs listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq stock markets, and in call options listed on the CBOE exchange. The Fund may use leverage of up to 20% of NAV. The Fund’s foreign currency exposures are not hedged back to New Zealand dollars.

These features mean that the Fund will not be appropriate for all investors.


The return of the MSCI All Country World Net Index, measured in New Zealand dollars

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