Hunter Global Fixed Interest Fund

The Hunter Global Fixed Interest Fund (the Fund) is a PIE-compliant New Zealand-domiciled fund with investments managed by PIMCO. Implemented Investment Solutions (IIS) is the issuer and manager of the Fund. The Fund is registered as an offer within a Managed Investment Scheme under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and is regulated by the FMA.

Hunter Investment Management (Hunter) promotes and distributes the Fund. Tony Hildyard is the Managing Director and is responsible for managing all client relationships.

The Fund’s assets are invested 100% in a directly held diversified portfolio of global fixed income securities, derivatives and cash managed by PIMCO. PIMCO Australia PTY Limited are the contracting entity for PIMCO and the portfolio management is undertaken by PIMCO’s global bond team lead by Andrew Balls in London with Sachin Gupta, in Newport Beach California. The Fund is comprised of global fixed interest securities and is fully hedged to New Zealand dollars.

The key features of the Fund:

  • Providing investors with a PIE compliant fund managed by leading global fixed interest manager PIMCO
  • Actively managed with the objective of outperforming the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index – 100% NZD Hedged
  • Access to PIMCO’s experienced fund managers, dedicated to producing the best possible returns for our investors.
  • An agile company with a flat structure, enabling us to exploit investment opportunities faster.
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Investment Manager PIMCO Australia Limited
Investment Policy and Objectives Provides exposure to international fixed interest securities and is actively managed using a multi-manager approach.
Targets being fully hedged back to New Zealand dollars.
Objective: Invests in international fixed interest assets with the objective of providing a total return, before costs and tax, 1% higher than the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index – 100% New Zealand dollar hedged over the long term (3 years plus).
Investment Strategy The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of actively managed global fixed interest securities, cash and derivatives. The invests predominantly in debt securities issued by governments, supranationals, local authorities, corporates and in asset and mortgage backed securities.
Derivatives may be used to obtain or reduce exposure to securities and markets, to implement investment strategies and to manage risk. PIMCO Australia Pty Ltd (‘PIMCO’) has been appointed as the investment manager of the Fund and is responsible for investing and managing the Fund’s assets.
Benchmark Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index – $NZ Hedged
Minimum Investment Timeframe 3+ Years

How to invest

  • InvestNow is a “no advice” direct investment website and it does not charge transaction or administration fees.
  • Contact your Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA).
  • Contact Tony Hildyard, Managing Director, Hunter Investments.  Phone: 021 830 720.  Email:
  • Complete an Application Form.  You can request an Application From by contacting us.
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