Colchester Global Government Bond PIE Fund

Colchester Global Investors (Singapore) Pte Limited is the Fund’s investment manager and is responsible for making recommendations and decisions about what the Fund invests in.  The Fund is invested in accordance with Colchester’s investment philosophy and process.  Currently the Fund invests in an underlying offshore fund established and managed by the Investment Manager’s parent, Colchester Global Investors Limited.  This underlying fund is The Colchester Global Bond Enhanced Currency Fund, a sub-fund of The Colchester Multi-Strategy Global Bond Fund plc (an Irish registered UCITS fund).

At the heart of Colchester’s philosophy is the belief that investments should be valued in terms of the income they will generate in real terms.  Colchester generally seeks to invest primarily in sovereign debt securities that possess fundamental value.  Colchester believes securities that (i) possess high yields after allowing for the impact of estimated future inflation and (ii) are denominated in currencies that are either undervalued, or of a reasonable value according to purchasing power parity analysis, typically possess fundamental investment value.  Colchester carries out financial analysis on countries and individual issues in order to assess the issuer’s respective financial strengths and vulnerabilities. Having made a fundamental real assessment of the value of all country bond markets and currencies in the global opportunity set, Colchester then builds optimal portfolios seeking to maximise returns.

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Investment Manager

Colchester Global Investors (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

Investment Policy and Objectives

To achieve favourable income and capital returns from a globally diversified portfolio of primarily sovereign debt or debt-like securities and currencies. An associated objective is the preservation and enhancement of principal.

Investment Strategy

The Fund invests in The Colchester Global Bond Enhanced Currency Fund – NZD Hedged Accumulation Class – Z Shares.


The benchmark of the Fund is the FTSE World Government Bond Index hedged into New Zealand dollars.

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