Aurora Kiwisaver Growth Fund

Launched in 2021, the Aurora Growth Fund is one of four funds offered by the Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme, established by Aurora Capital Limited whose investment philosophy is underpinned by the belief that it’s possible to make the world a better place through responsible investing.

The Fund is promoted and distributed by the Aurora Financial Group, who are licensed financial advice providers and offer financial advice to retail clients.

This is a Diversified Fund that provides exposure to a broad range of global equity and fixed income securities. The Fund also targets a lower MSCI carbon intensity than its market index over the medium to long term.

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Investment Manager

Aurora Capital  Ltd

Investment Policy and Objectives

A multi-asset class fund which offers a diversified portfolio and aims to provide capital growth over the long-term.

Investment Strategy The Fund invests primarily in NZ and international equities, but will also hold cash and fixed interest securities. The fund has a medium – high risk profile.

Aurora Capital Ltd selects the underlying funds and/or appoints investment managers.

Benchmark The Fund targets a return in excess of the CPI by 2.5% per annum before fees and tax.

How to invest