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Russell Communiqué is a quarterly publication that includes a diverse range of Russell Investments' research papers on topical issues relevant to the New Zealand investor.

Winter 2015

Multi-Manager: Diversification's third dimension

  • Myth Busters: Part 2
  • A discussion on three equity return drivers
  • A discussion on three fixed income return drivers
  • Shedding the light on the benefits of implemented consulting

Spring 2014

Myth busters: Part 1

  • A global perspective on the RBNZ's intervention
  • The fixed interest enigma
  • Operational risk: Risk with no returns
  • Challenges in insurance asset-liability management

Autumn 2014

Governance in Godzone: Lessons from recent investor roundtables

  • Behavioural finance
  • Cash and fixed income
  • Smart beta strategies
  • Why hold bonds?

Fourth Quarter 2013

Currency and Fixed Interest

  • Mechanics of currency hedging
  • NZ fixed interest benchmarks
  • Portfolio dynamism in practice
  • Effect of term premium

Third Quarter 2013

Fight or flight

  • Fight or flight—Adapting to maintain attractive bond yields
  • Active management of global equities: is it worth it?
  • Making good on the promise of multi-asset investing
  • Portfolio manager perspectives—Implementing multi-asset portfolios

Second Quarter 2013

What you can do in a low interest rate environment

  • Fixed income in a QE world
  • Q&A: Don't fight the Fed
  • Non-price fixed income
  • Retirement beliefs

First Quarter 2013

The future of private real estate: predictions for the next decade

  • The future of private real estate
  • Inflation-linked bonds
  • Responsible investment update
  • Four hedge fund investing strategies