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Who is Implemented Investment Solutions?

Implemented Investment Solutions Limited (IIS) provides fund hosting services that are similar to the third party responsible entity services that are available within the Australian market.

IIS’s expertise is working with global investment managers, and local boutiques, to provide Kiwi investors access to these managers’ solutions in funds that are Portfolio Investment Entities (PIE funds).

IIS is licenced as a “manager of a registered scheme “under New Zealand’s Financial Market Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act).

IIS was established in 2011, and initially worked with Russell Investments to make their manager-of-manager investment solutions available to New Zealand investors within PIE compliant funds – being the Russell Investment Funds.

Following the introduction of the FMC Act, IIS broadened our focus to provide fund hosting services to global investment managers seeking to offer their investment solutions to New Zealand investors in PIE compliant funds.

Today IIS manages over $3 billion in PIE funds, covering all major asset classes including global and NZ bonds, global shares, NZ shares, property and cash. The managers we are working with include Russell Investments, APN Property Group, Legg Mason Brandywine, and Hunter Investments (who in turn works with PIMCO). The IIS group also includes the innovative retail investment platform InvestNow, which provides New Zealand retail investors with access to more than 80 different managed funds and ETFs for no additional fees and with minimum investments of as little as $50.

We recognise the benefits provided from working with leading organisations, and our business partners include Public Trust (trustee services and custody), MMC (fund administration, unit pricing and registry), BNP Paribas (fund administration and custody), Adminis (custody), PWC (audit), and DLA Piper (legal).