IIS Fund Execution services – helping groups to efficiently implement, structure and manage funds

Within IIS’s fund hosting business model our focus is on assisting investment managers (predominately those offshore) to launch PIE funds into the NZ market, using the MIS licence and operating infrastructure of IIS, an activity referred to as ‘Fund Hosting’.  We have however had increasing enquiry from NZ-based clients looking for assistance with fund implementation projects or aspects of ongoing operation of their funds.  We have responded to this demand by launching a Fund Execution business line.

Sitting within the existing IIS Fund Hosting business, Fund Execution leverages off the expertise the IIS team have in issuing and managing funds for clients as a ‘Fund Host’, but carries out these activities under the Fund Execution client’s MIS licence.  For those NZ-based managers looking to retain their MIS licence, and ultimately issue funds under that licence, IIS Fund Execution services allows them to outsource some of the pain points they may experience during fund establishment or ongoing operations.  The IIS team can assist at any point in the process, from taking an embryotic fund idea and assisting a client to bring that fund to market, through to assisting a client with day to day operational and compliance matters (such as creating monthly fact sheets, preparing quarterly Fund Updates, maintaining scheme and offer documents, preparing Annual Reports or running daily cashflow processes and liquidity management). The breadth of service able to be offered to a Fund Execution client is very similar to that available to a Fund Hosting client, with the key difference being a Fund Execution client maintains their MIS licence and the responsibility that goes along with this.

Utilising IIS’s Fund Execution services allows managers of any size to focus their time and effort on core value-add activities, while outsourcing more operational and compliance related activities to a proven expert in the area of issuing and managing PIE funds.

To discuss more about IIS’s Fund Execution services and how they may benefit your business, please contact michaelcourtney@iisolutions.co.nz or jennyfenwick@iisolutions.co.nz.