Focus on… Antipodes Global Investment Partners

In July 2018 IIS launched the Antipodes Global Fund (PIE) and Antipodes Global Fund – Long (PIE). The Antipodes Global Fund (PIE) is one of the few long/short funds available in NZ. It provides an actively managed global share portfolio, with a mandate allowing the use of derivatives, including equity shorts and currency positions to amplify positions. Alternatively, the Antipodes Global Fund – Long (PIE) provides investors with exposure to a conventional long-only global share portfolio.

Antipodes is a global asset manager offering a pragmatic value approach across long only and long-short global equity strategies. The business was founded in 2015 by Chief Investment Officer Jacob Mitchell who previously was the former deputy Chief Investment Officer of Platinum Asset Management. The business has quickly grown to having more than NZD8 billion of assets under management in NZ.

Antipodes commitment to the NZ market has been demonstrated by the launch of the PIE funds. They also have David Batty of Pinnacle Investment Group on the ground working with NZ clients. Pinnacle works with 13 affiliate investment managers of which Antipodes is one.

Antipodes Global Investment Partners