Listing PIE funds on the NZX

Recently, the NZX passed new rules making it easier to list PIE funds on the New Zealand sharemarket, which could open up new opportunities for IIS clients.

IIS has carried out a thorough analysis of the NZX rules to understand the mechanics of running listed funds under the new regime – with an eye on offering the service to fund-hosting clients in the future.

Listed funds could provide a range of benefits to clients, including:

  • opening up new distribution opportunities, especially with clients and adviser groups who have a preference for listed vehicles;
  • helping build brand and profile with investors in a new channel;
  • allowing funds to be more-readily included in investment mandates that are restricted to listed assets;
  • enabling the investment manager’s anti money laundering and countering of financial terrorism (AML/CFT) responsibilities to be largely outsourced to the intermediary handling the listed fund transaction.

If you are interested in understanding more about listing funds in NZ, please contact us.