Listing PIE funds on the NZX

Late last year InvestNow took another step in its evolution by listing, for the first time, term deposits on InvestNow. To date, InvestNow has competitive term deposits on offer from both BNZ and SBS.

Bank term deposits provide a great complement to the existing InvestNow fund suite from managers such as Vanguard, Smartshares, Legg Mason, Russell Investments, Antipodes, APN, Mint Asset Management, Nikko Asset Management, Harbour, Devon, Salt, Fisher Funds, Pathfinder, Morphic, India Avenue, Elevation and ANZ Investments.

The InvestNow platform is extremely flexible with the ability to offer PIE funds, Australian unit trusts, term deposits and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

In the coming months, InvestNow plans to list other banks’ term deposits. This year, too, expect to see an enhanced range of investor tools on the platform that will allow clients to construct model portfolios and source richer performance data and other investment information.