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Who is Implemented Investment Solutions?

Implemented Investment Solutions Limited is a specialist investment management company focused on meeting the specific needs and requirements of New Zealand investors and clients. Our objective is to provide our clients with access to world-class investment solutions and opportunities, while ensuring that these are easy to use and understand.

From an investment management perspective we recognise the benefits provided from working with leading global organisations, especially in terms of their expertise and global reach. We have achieved this through our relationship with Russell Investments, and the other specialists we work with (including the various specialist investment managers within the Russell Investment Funds).

Core to our proposition is the recognition that global expertise is only one of a range of ingredients that are needed to build world-class “turn-key” investment solutions for New Zealand clients. The most important ingredient to make this work from a client’s perspective is having skilled people who are empowered to make decisions at a client level here in New Zealand.

Who is Russell Investments?

Russell Investment Group Limited is part of Russell Investments. Russell Investments is a global asset manager with core capabilities that extend across capital markets insights, manager research, asset allocation, portfolio implementation and factor exposures. With 22 offices worldwide, Russell Investments manages over NZ$360 billion in assets, researches over 7,000 investment products, and advises on US$2.5 trillion in assets, including over NZ$8 billion on behalf of a range of large New Zealand clients.

Russell Investments draws on its unique combination of core capabilities to deliver multi-asset solutions to meet investors' needs. Their analysts seek to identify superior investment manager talent through a proprietary research process based on objective analysis and on-site in-depth face to face interviews. This effort relies on a team of over 50 specialist analysts to rank and classify an initial pool of nearly 13,000 investment products across the globe. This includes monitoring and researching more than 7,300 investment manager firms. Russell Investments has spent over 40 years researching and evaluating money managers*. The cumulative knowledge gained from this research is the foundation for all of Russell Investment's products and services. Russell Investment Group Limited is the Investment Manager and Investment Adviser of the Russell Investment Funds and is also a Promoter of the Funds. Russell Investment Group Limited is part of Russell Investments. More information about Russell Investments can be found on their website: www.russellinvestments.com/nz.

*All figures for Russell Investments in this section quoted as at 31 March 2015 except for the assets under advice of US$2.5 trillion which is as at 31 December 2014.